The Rhea Family

We love our friends the Rheas! James and my husband Christian grew up in China together. And years later, James his family happened to settle in the same city that me and my husband are from. I got to know them when I started dating Christian, and the rest is history! Kate was such a great encourager when I was homesick during my (wonderful, albeit faraway) 2 month college internship in Germany. And their daughter was even the flower girl in our wedding! I so enjoyed capturing their funny, adorable family in their 3rd fall family session with me! 

Love you Rheas!!

The Williamson Family

I grew up with Annie. And now, she's the sweet wife to Nick (her high school sweetheart!) and 4 beautiful children! Not only do I admire her amazing knack for decorating, but I also appreciate her desire to give her children a simple childhood free from many cheap, modern day distractions. They are big on books, nature, and spending time together. I love this about them! 

Thanks for letting me tag along this morning, Williamsons! Loved being a fly on the wall :)


The Goodwin Family

Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking one of my best friend's family fall photos. It's been so fun to get married within months of each other, and then have little boys months within each other. 

She and her husband are small business owners and first time parents (plus, he's a full-time city firefighter). Their lives are busy, but I know that sometimes it's really hard. But I have so much admiration and respect for Tamayah. She carries herself with grace, courage, leadership and servanthood qualities, kindness, and self-control. 

It's been such a gift to have her as my friend since 5th grade Sunday School, when I dropped a pencil and she picked it up for me :) 

Thanks for letting me get these photos for you, friends! I hope they are a gift!